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Duo show Dima Hunzelweg & Alexander Selivanov

a—s—t—r—a gallery x duo show of German artist Dima Hunzelveg and Russian minimalist Alexander Selivanov 

June 30-3, 2019

The Ritz-Carlton, space Cube Moscow

The works of Alexander Selivanov bring to mind the painting of Mark Rothko. But instead of "made", Rothko's sensuality, Alexander prefers extremely rational aesthetics. Color planes, devoid of shades, following each other seem to be a product of the machine. Stone ideality of color seems incompatible with the reality of painting created by man. This contradiction is an attempt to understand what the picture is as such, how deep the reduction of form and color must go in order for the subject to remain a work of art.

Dima Hunzelweg inherits the traditions of concrete art, op-art and minimalism. His painting is an attempt to find random harmony using a mathematical, numerical apparatus: calculating all proportions, the relations of elements to each other. This applies not only to formal solutions, but also to technical ones: Dima’s “business card” is a very wide stretcher, thanks to which the picture turns into an object that borders on sculpture. Fluorescent paints that give chaotic visual effects conflict with the conscious "calculation" of works. This conflict is not built as a dissonance, but as a polyphony, in which the main voices are given to the perceived reality and the numbers in which the painting was conceived.

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