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Solo show Jolie Alien

a—s—t—r—a х Jolie Alien 

16-17.05.2019 The Ritz-Carlton, space Cube Moscow

Works with flashy images, simple forms and plots, cropped compositions, bright color and expressive pattern. Each picture is introspective and associated with personal memories. This partly explains the visual language in which surrealistic images, geometric simple patterns and flashy inscriptions made from spray cans are woven. The works of Jolie resemble a wall that has been covered with graffiti for a long time: figures float on each other, overlapping one another, creating a collage effect. The painting by Jolie is built on a balance between the seemingly “randomness” of the image and the “stylishness” of the means of expression, which makes it interesting to study.

Jolie Alien b. 2002. Young model and artist autodidact. Starting to draw at 15, by 17 years Jolie has already presented an exhibition in the Moscow gallery “Kino”, participated in a live performance at the opening of the platform a—s—t—r—aLab. Was the heroine of materials about her work in Document Journal, Vogue, InStyle, Elle and Studying at MHPI, combines a career in the fashion and art industries. Lives and works in Moscow.


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